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Foley Cup Feeder

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  Our Foley Cup Feeder make cup feeding so easy a NEW Father can cup feed at 3am!   

With the help of our son we have designed a "better cup" for the supplemental feeding of
babies who are having trouble breastfeeding or for parents who don't want to use the
bottle.  A cup can feed a baby quickly and easily, while avoiding "nipple confusion".

I had difficultly getting our son Mark to latch on correctly.  My husband and I had seen
the doctor when Mark was 5 days old.  He had lost 15% of his birth weight.  The doctor
wanted us to use a bottle, but we knew it could cause nipple confusion.  We saw our
local certified lactation consultant who was able to define the problem we were having.  
She showed us how to latch Mark on correctly and suggested using a cup until he learned
to latch on properly.  Since we had to return to the doctor within 48 hours, she suggested
we cup feed him every 2 hours for 48 hours using breast milk.  I am happy to report that
our son gained 7 ounces!  With the weight gained and support we were able to
successfully breastfeed.  

The Foley Cup has a unique channel that allows the fluids to gently flow into the lip area
where it pools so that the infant can easily be temporarily cup fed.  Patented.

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